Date of issue of the Privacy Notice, August 20, 2019.

Purpose of notification:

Care for personal data and transparency in our work are the values on which we base our business. This Privacy Notice (Notice) is issued in accordance with the new Personal Data Protection Act.

We process your personal data so that you can register on and so that you can make a purchase on our website (online purchase). The purpose of this notification is to familiarize you with the way in which My Case uses your personal data. It provides you with information about how we collect, use, store and otherwise process the personal data we need to enable you to make an online purchase through the website.

My Case supports the rights provided by the Personal Data Protection Act. We believe this is an important step in ensuring your right to full control of your personal information as a registered member of the website.

Personal data is all data relating to a person whose identity is determined or determinable. Personal data is all information about you on the basis of which we can identify you (e.g. name, surname, but also work status or e-mail address).

Processing is any action or set of actions performed on personal data or sets of personal data (e.g. collection, storage, use, reproduction, publication, deletion or destruction).


This is the latest version of the Notice (January 20, 2020). If this Notice is amended or supplemented, we will include the date of the most recent version of the document. We will notify you in a timely manner of any changes to the Notice.